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1. Mexico City

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Mexico City
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Address: Mexico

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We help you choose flats 30 square meters Mexico City

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We're talking about a crazy 9 million inhabitants. Situated high above the surface of the earth, we are known for our Templo Mayor which is a 13th century Aztec architecture. You will also find all over the city various buildings with baroque style architecture as it is due to the Spanish conquest years ago. Our city is full of history in each of its streets and we can appreciate it for example inside the National Palace. Many more things besides flats 30 square meters Mexico City are waiting for you at!
Despite the vastness of the city, we are a young group and team that has grown up here and we mostly know how Mexico City works, that's why we have decided to show you everything we know about it on our website. We create hundreds of explanatory and very curious posts that will help you to understand the city, because in few places you will find information as specific as here.
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